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999 Seymour MetroLiving by Townline Homes: This Corner of Your World is About to Change
As someone who has previously expressed interest in Metroliving by Townline Homes, we wanted you to be one of the first to hear about Townline's newest addition to the Metroliving family - 999 Seymour. Coming this May to downtown Vancouver real estate, 999 Seymour Residences features throughtful modern architecture by Acton Ostry Architects with crisp, clean interiors by Evoke International Design.

999 Seymour Condos in downtown Vancouver real estateThese 115 urbane downtown Vancouver pre-construction homes at 999 Seymour MetroLiving will be priced from the $390s and will feature deep wide balconies with kinetic, interactive sun screens and contiguous indoor to outdoor polished concrete floors that expand your living space. Want to Know More? Visit our 999 Seymour Vancouver condo website at today and register your interest. This is your opportunity to receive information before we release it to the general public. Soon, you will receive a call from a 999 Seymour representative to answer any questions you may have. We look foward to the opportunity to tell you more about 999 Seymour Vancouver real estate purchase opportunity. 999 Seymour Sales Team - Phone: 604.682.1050 | Fax: 604.488.1051 | Email: | Web:

According to the MetroLiving 999 Seymour web site, this corner of your world is about to change for good! On the Northwest corner of Nelson and Seymour Street in Downtown Vancouver’s real estate market are homes with deep wide balconies and kinetic, interactive sun screens which is now known as the property development by Townline Homes called 999 Seymour. These intelligent, urbane residences feature seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor to expand your living space in downtown Vancouver. 999 Seymour residence homes come with polished concrete floors, a living green wall in the lobby, and about 999 other excellent things. Thoughtful modern architecture at 999 Seymour MetroLiving is by Acton Ostrey Architects. The crisp and clean interiors are by Evoke International design. And this downtown Vancouver real estate property is built by MetroLiving by Townline Homes. You can register now at

MetroLiving 999 Seymour Condominium signature residences in downtown with convenient access and locationMetroLiving by Townline Homes Real Estate Developers
The Townline Group of Companies. Taken from the 999 Seymour web site: We believe that you’re only as good as your reputation. So, it doesn’t matter what we tell you about us. It only really matters what others say, and what you believe. We live by that. As far as we’re concerned one unhappy customer is one too many. We are Townline. And since we started business in 1980, we have built over 1,000 single and multifamily homes. Our customers at Townline MetroLiving will tell you that we’ve developed a reputation for building quality homes, and for standing behind them – not just with a new home warranty, which you would expect of any builder, but also with conviction and a great team of professionals. Yes, we at Townline Group of Companies embrace current trends when they make sense for our home buying customers –be they construction practises or design innovations. And yes, we listen when our customers tell us what they’d like to see in their new homes. We’ve won quite a few awards, and while it’s nice to be recognized by one’s peers, our true reward comes from building a home that meets or exceeds your expectations. Because, if we build good homes, our customers will build our reputation. You can read more about MetroLiving by TownLine Homes online at

Update on 999 Seymour by Townline Homes
It's likely that you have questions about 999 Seymour – MetroLiving downtown Vancouver's newest innovative residences. Soon, more information will be available on our 999 Seymour website, but in the meantime, we want to encourage you to call us at 604.682.1050. We'll be delighted to help in any way we can. Currently, we at 999 Seymour Townline Homes are hard at work getting ready for our public opening in June, but as a MetroLiving priority registrant, we will provide you with the latest information before that opening. And, you will be given an advance 999 Seymour condo opportunity to preview our Sales Centre and Display Home. You will also be able to purchase a condominium home at 999 Seymour prior to public opening.
Up until that time, we will be sending you regular updates, including a series of interviews with the key members of The 999 Seymour Team by MetroLiving in downtown Vancouver real estate market. The first of this series will feature comments from Rick Ilich, President of The Townline Group of Companies. Others will follow, including interviews with the architect and interior designer of 999 Seymour condos in Vancouver Downtown living. They'll be great tools to help you gain further insights about the 115 homes at 999 Seymour. Don't forget, we are always available to answer your questions about 999 Seymour at 604.682.1050 or by email at

999 Seymour Homes - Special Access!
As an early registrant for 999 Seymour downtown Vancouver real estate properties, you are entitled to certain privileges. Among those is special access to information not available to the general public. At this point, we are excited to be able to share a selection of the 999 Seymour flooplans and price ranges. This is a priority preview available only to you. In many of the presales Vancouver downtown homes at 999 Seymour By Townline MetroLiving, deep wide decks run the full width of your home and provide more than 120 square feet of really usable space. With a unique sliding glass wall-system that expands your living space, the homes at 999 Seymour blur the lines between indoor and outdoor. To see how this translates into some truly thoughtful floor plans, we have attached some examples of the 999 Seymour floor plans. Click here to view : Plan A: Open 1 bedroom (with parking) - 497 square feet PLUS 129 square foot deck. Plan D: 1 bedroom (with car share) - 678 square feet. Plan F: 2 bedroom - 801 square feet PLUS 162 square foot deck. Along with the attached floor plan examples, here's a pricing guide to help you move ahead with planning your purchase. Open 1 bedroom with car share from $385,000 Open 1 bedroom with parking from $470,000 1 bedroom from $429,000 2 bedroom from $639,000 Click here to download a pdf of the pre-sales condos at 999 Seymour Vancouver Price List. As always, if you have any questions about 999 Seymour or want to see additional floorplans, please do not hesitate to contact us at 604.682.1050 or email us at Best, Team 999. PS: VIP Sales start by appointment only on May 31st. Public sales for the pre-construction Vancouver downtown real estate condos at 999 Seymour Street will begin June 7th. Don't miss your opportunity to get in early. The Vision at 999 Seymour Townline Properties by MetroLiving: As promised in our earlier email to you, this is the beginning of a series of interviews with key members of the 999 Seymour team. First up is Rick Ilich, President of The Townline Group of Companies - the pre-sales real estate Vancouver downtown developer behind this unique project. After more than 30 years of building homes in the Lower Mainland, they've seen and done a lot. And, what he's seen over the years is partly what motivates Rick to want to do things a bit differently - to offer homes with real and useful innovations that improve the livability of your home. So, just click on the link to hear and see Rick Ilich talk about his vision for 999 Seymour, why Townline is involved, and why 999 Seymour condo pre-sales Vancouver is such a special project. Watch for more installments over the coming weeks to complete the picture. Next up will be Mark Ostry, principal of Acton Ostry Architects (AOA). They're highly regarded as among the most forward thinking architectural firms in Canada and have designed some of Vancouver's most memorable residences. 999 Seymour condominiums in the pre-sales vancouver real estate market promises to add to that portfolio. Until then, enjoy Rick's interview and his passion for 999 Seymour condos. We think you'll find his enthusiasm contagious. And be sure to check out our website - now live with a Frequently Asked Questions section, an interactive neighbourhood map and photos. If, in the meantime, you have any questions about 999 Seymour Vancouver pre-sales condo real estate, please call us directly at 604.682.1050 or email us at

999 Seymour - Public Opening This Saturday
Public Opening This Saturday. The public opening for 999 Seymour Street pre-construction Vancouver condos is this Saturday, June 7th. We've been busy putting the finishing touches on our fully furnished Display Home and Sales Centre, and we are ready to show it off. The presales Vancouver 999 Seymour Sales Centre is located at 100 - 1050 Homer Street in downtown. That's just a few blocks from the actual construction site, so be sure that when you come to see us, you come to the Sales Centre. Otherwise, you'll find yourself starting at a parking lot. And while you might have a good imagination, seeing the Display Home and models of the building will give you a much clearer picture. Check Out the Homes - And The Views. Be sure to visit our website at which now includes a comprehensive overview of all the 999 Seymour pre-construction condo home plans available at 999 Seymour. In addition, it allows you to navigate through the 21 floors and check out the views from the different homes. We also have included a printable price sheet for your convenience. Early Purchase Incentives for these exclusive Vancouver pre-construction downtown condos. In addition to all the inherent benefits of purchasing at 999 Seymour condominium highrise residences, we are excited to offer you an opportunity to take advantage of our Early Purchase Incentives. As you will see, an opportunity as sensible and generous as this one isn't offered everyday. 3 Smart Reasons To Act Now: 1. Want to make some money on your deposit until your home at 999 Seymour is ready? Get a 10% return on your deposit*. 2. Receive an impossible-to-resist FREE modern stainless steel gas fireplace (worth $7,500) for your deck. 3. And if no doors on your bedroom is the only thing holding you back, we will enclose it with sliding translucent glass entry panels (worth $3,200). None of these offers will be available for long, so act now. A Landmark Building in downtown Vancouver real estate is upon us. 999 Seymour condo residence pre-sales promises to be a significant piece of architecture in the Vancouver urban landscape. Designed by Acton Ostry Architects with interiors by Evoke International Design, 999 Seymour pre-construction apartments will quickly become a landmark for all... and a home for a fortunate few. Not enough can be said about how the deep wide decks expand the living space of these urbane homes. These aren't tiny balconies. These decks are like getting a 120 square foot bonus room that's bigger than many bedrooms... and more multi-functional than any bedroom. Anyway, at the risk of repeating ourselves, we are really enthralled with this special building and its homes. But, you need to see it for yourself to truly understand what has us so excited. We look forward to seeing you on Saturday. We'll be open daily from noon - 5pm except Fridays. We're located at 100 - 1050 Homer Street. If you get lost or show up at a parking lot on Seymour Street, you can call 999 Seymour sales staff at 604.682.1050 or email us at and we'll be happy to help you find your way to your new home.

Townline Group of Companies presents the downtown Vancouver pre-sales condos at 999 Seymour StreetStraight from their email marketing reponse to 999 Seymour condo registration
Thank you for your interest in 999 Seymour - urbane downtown living on the northwest corner of Nelson and Seymour Streets in Vancouver. 999 Seymour is your newest home ownership opportunity from Metroliving by Townline Homes. It's a modern building that some are calling the next level of urban living. With 115 homes in a 21-storey building, 999 Seymour is not a huge, anonymous building real estate Vancouver building. But, it will be a landmark with seamless indoor and outdoor transitions and interactive screens that will change the look of the building every time you look up at it. There are so many features unique to 999 Seymour MetroLiving condominiums and we are keen to tell you about them. So, over the next while we will be sending you a series of short video interviews with the team directly involved in the creation of 999 Seymour by TownLine Homes in downtown Vancouver real estate.

Watch for these interviews that will include:
1) The Developer (The Townline Group of Companies)
2) The Architect (Acton Ostry Architects)
3) The Interior Designer (Evoke International Design Inc.)

Meanwhile, our Vancouver real estate Sales Team is busy preparing for our public opening this June. But, as a 999 Seymour MetroLiving priority registrant, you will be provided with our latest information and have an opportunity to view our Townline Homes 999 Seymour Vancouver pre-Sales Center and Display Home, and purchase a home with the best selection - all prior to the general public opening. Stay tuned for the next installment. But, if you have any questions and would like to speak to a sales representative, please call us at 604.682.1050. Regards, 999 Seymour Sales Team

PS. As more information becomes available, we will be continually updating our website. So, visit to see what's new.

999 Seymour: 3D Animation
Some exciting new things have been added to the 999 Seymour website - all intended to help you make a more informed purchase decision. This week we've posted the first in a series of two 3D Animations of our home plans. You can now view the interior of Plan A - one of our 1 bedroom, 1 bath homes with 497 square feet plus a 129 square foot deck. And, don't forget to check out our website next week when you can experience our Plan F - a 2 bedroom, 2 bath 801 square foot home with a 162 square foot deck.

On our website you will also find a complete features list for the homes at 999 Seymour. We think you'll agree that these are sharply styled homes. Click here to experience the 999 Seymour interiors.

And, if you haven't had a chance to view the video interviews with the key members of the 999 Seymour team, you can also see them online at They include interviews with Rick Ilich, President of The Townline Group of Companies; Mark Ostry, Principal with Acton Ostry Architects; and David Nicolay, Principal with Evoke International Design. Mark your calendar. We start booking VIP appointments as of May 26th for VIP Sales, starting May 31st, so be sure to leave yourself available for your best opportunity to get the appointment time and selection you want.

As always, if you have any questions about 999 Seymour, please do not hesitate to contact us at 604.682.1050 or email us at

Downtown Vancouver 999 Seymour - Appointment Process
It's time to book your appointment for 999 Seymour Condo homes by MetroLiving Townline Homes in downtown Vancouver’s real estate market. To ensure that the process is as smooth as possible for you, and to avoid disappointment, we ask that you take the following steps prior to your appointment.

Step 1 - Review MetroLiving 999 Seymour Floor Plans and Prices

To review the floorplans and starting from price ranges, please click here: floor plans and pricing. Be sure to come prepared with your top 3 choices. 999 Seymour Appointment times will be limited to a maximum of 45 minutes so it is very important that you come prepared. Note that we cannot guarantee suite style or availability. If you require more information to make a selection, please call or email a 999 Seymour Vancouver representative of the 999 Sales Team listed below. Please note that we will not be taking subject offers.

If you choose to purchase a home at 999 Seymour, the deposit will be 15%, and the structure is as follows: $1,000 deposit at time of writing contract, 5% of the purchase price less the $1,000 within 7 days, 5% of the purchase price within 30 days, 5% upon receipt of the Disclosure Statement

Step 2 – RSVP to Vancouver pre-sales team at 999 Seymour Downtown
If you would like to book an appointment, please RSVP by email to 999 Seymour at after 5pm on Monday, May 26th. Please do not email before May 26th; and please do not leave a voicemail before May 26th. A 999 Seymour Sales Representative will call you back to book your appointment. Those who respond first will be offered the earlier appointment times. When you get our voicemail, please leave a message, as all calls will be returned in chronological order. Only those with a booked appointment time will be able to come into the 999 Seymour Sales Centre on Saturday, May 31st. 999 Seymour Sales Centre for MetroLiving Townline Homes is located at 1050 Homer Street in Vancouver. If you require any further information to make your selection, please call 604 682 1050.

999 Seymour - Now Open
The 999 Seymour Sales Centre opened last weekend to enthusiastic reviews. Visitors were very positive about both the architecture of this downtown Vancouver city centre landmark building and the interiors of the pre-construction 999 Seymour Street homes. It was very easy for them to see the thoughtful design first hand in our fully furnished pre-sales Display Home. Further, presale home purchasers were very pleased to learn that they were eligible for a number of outstanding Early Purchaser Incentives at 999 Seymour condos. And, because our Early Purchaser Program was met so favorably we are continuing to offer it for a short while.

3 Smart Reasons to Act Now
1) Get a 10% return on your deposit at the pre-construction 999 Seymour Condo residences in downtown Vancouver real estate*. Want to make some money on your deposit until your home at 999 Seymour is ready? The Townline Group of Companies will credit you on your completion date with an amount equal to a 10% annual return on your deposit on your pre-construction condo purchase*.
2) Receive an impossible-to-resist modern stainless steel gas fireplace (worth $7,300**) for your deck at 999 Seymour St Condominiums if you purchase today. See it in the 999 Seymour Display Home. (Plans A, B, E and F only)
3) Enclose your open bedroom at no extra cost (value $3,200**). We'll add sliding translucent glass entry panels that will keep you awake at night, they're so gorgeous. (Plans A and B only)

All tolled, these incentives could be worth more than $20,000. As if it wasn't enough to own in one of the most exciting new buildings Vancouver real estate market has seen in a very long time. To get a better sense of what we love about this unique downtown Vancouver real estate address at the new condos at 999 Seymour, we have been producing a series of short videos. It's likely that you've already seen a couple of them, including interviews with key members of the 999 Seymour real estate development team. If not, you can view them on our web site at The next in that series is now available for your viewing pleasure. It's about the details that have gone into making the presale Vancouver downtown residences at 999 Seymour condos such a special and different place to live. Click here, to view the video now as well as virtual tours of two of the 999 Seymour homes. Homes at 999 Seymour are priced as follows: Open 1 bedroom with car share from $390,000, Open 1 bedroom with parking from $470,000, 1 bedroom from $445,000 and 2 bedroom from $655,000. You can learn a lot about them on our web site at but you can learn even more by coming by our 999 Seymour Sales Centre in downtown VAncouver. We're located at 100 - 1050 Homer Street and we are open daily except Fridays, from 12pm to 5pm. If, in the meantime, you have any questions or want to book a personal appointment, please call us at 604.682.1050. Best regards, Team 999

999 Seymour Changing This Corner of Your World
With pre-sales already launched, the pre-construction downtown Vancouver condos at 999 Seymour still represent the next level of urban living. With cutting edge design and practical and sustainable living at 999 Seymour condo homes, the entire downtown development only offers 115 urbane homes that range from 626 sf one bedroom (including 129 sf balcony) to a luxurious 1,844 square foot two bedroom plus den suite with 604 sf terrace. The prices of these pre-construction 999 Seymour Vancouver downtown condos starts from $390,000 and the first 30 home buyers will receive the stainless steel, outdoor fireplace free of charge. With more incentives up their sleeve at the presetntaion centre, you may even get your optional sliding doors at a very reasonable price. Open at 1050 Homer Street, now is the time to check out these new Vancouver condos at 999 Seymour. With Evoke Design as the interior designer for these upscale boutique downtown condos, you can imagine Miele, Bosch appliances, exposed concrete walls, sliding glass doors to your balcony, floor to ceiling panels and much more.

Downtown Vancouver Condos at 999 Seymour Update
By Susan B. Okay, I admit I’ve come to expect something unique from Townline Homes’ Metroliving residences. This expanding collection of downtown pre-construction Vancouver homes have a sophisticated edginess, a visionary design I find endlessly appealing – and different. Still, I was totally unprepared for what awaits at 999 Seymour condo homes in downtown Vancouver real estate market. The scale model shows a dynamic glass and steel condo high-rise downtown Vancouver condo tower with two columns of light ascending the full height of the south façade. On the north side of 999 Seymour, translucent glass panels set into coloured concrete make an abstract mural effect that seems to dance to the undeniable rhythm of urban living. The look is crisp, clean and dramatic departure from the every day and the ordinary pre-sales new Vancouver condos these days. Some of the outstanding features and attention to detail at the pre-sales 999 Seymour Vancouver condos includes washer/dryer, dishwasher, fridge and microwave have all been hidden behind integrated cabinet doors. The result is a clean, minimalist kitchen that’s more like a piece of custom milled furniture than it is like a kitchen. In the kitchens of the downtown Vancouver 999 Seymour Street condominium residences, the gas cooktop, wall oven, dishwasher and fridge are all by Miele. When you walk into the lobby of 999 Seymour condo tower, you will be greeted ty a two storey high, living, green wall. It will be an oxygen enriched environment that lets you know that you havearrived home… and that you can breathe a little easier. A set of sliding forsted glass panels unique to these pre-construction Vancouver 999 Seymour condos reflected in the mirror of the medicine cabinet, replace traditional swinging doors in these contemporary pre-sales homes. Townline Group of Companies Metroliving 999 Seymour pre-construction condominiums commissioned fine art photographer Jessica Bushey to capture the surrounding neighbourhood. Her images are displayed at the Sales Centre at 1050 Homer Street. Feature walls in many of the 999 Seymour homes in downtown Vancouver real estate market are exposed concrete. Highly finished, it adds warmth and an hoesty of materials to the design.

There are only 115 urbane presales Vancouver homes available ranging from 626 square foot one bedroom (including a 129 sq ft balcony) to a luxurious 1,844 square foot two bed plus den suite (including a spacious 604 sq ft balcony terrace). The prices start from $390,000 and the first 30 home buyers at the 999 Seymour pre-sales event will receive the stainless steel, outdoor fireplace free of charge. And be sure to ask, because the pre-construction downtown Vancouver 999 Seymour Townline Metroliving sales team also have a few more incentives up their sleeves for the grand opening. Visit for more information.

999 Seymour Vancouver Downtown Condos - A is for August
A is for August. (Although, you might have thought it was for Apple or Aardvark or Arithmetic.) But, it's also for Plan A at the pre-construction 999 Seymour Condominium high-rise downtown Vancouver real estate tower, which happens to be our fully furnished Display Suite for 999 Seymour. The Townline Group of Companies Plan A (like many of the plans at 999 Seymour pre-sales condo suites) features deep, wide decks with seamless transitions between the outdoor space and the indoor space. A custom designed sliding glass wall system opens to more than half the width of the downtown Vancouver condo home by Townline allowing for great air - and people - circulation.

A is also for Amazing Architecture. And the pre-sales 999 Seymour Vancouver condominium suites delivers with thoughtful modern architecture by Acton Ostry Architects and developed by Townline Developers. (What do you know? Another thing that A stands for). 999 Seymour condo homes will surely be a landmark in downtown Vancouver real estate development on the corner of Nelson and Seymour. Crisp 999 Seymour Apartment home interiors by Evoke International Design demonstrate the timelessness of a simple, modern and sophisticated aesthetic. Custom milled kitchen cabinetry with fully integrated appliances, polished concrete floors, built in recycling drawers and ample, convertible storage space are features of these tastefully designed pre-construction Vancouver downtown homes.

To view the outstanding features of the Plan A homes, click here. 3 more reasons to buy now
1) Earn high interest on your deposit. The Townline Group of Companies will credit you on your completion date with an amout equal to 10% annual return on your deposit for any purchase of a pre-construction 999 Seymour Vancouver condo homes. For plan A, that works out to over $10,725 back*.
2) Free stainless steel fireplace for your deck. If you purchase a pre-sales Townline Vancouver 999 Seymour downtown home today, you will receive a modern stainless steel fireplace valued at $7,300. You can see it in the 999 Seymour Display Suite.
3) Free sliding translucent glass panels for your bedroom at 999 Seymour Townline Group. We will include a $3200 sliding glass wall system to enclose your bedroom at no extra cost to you if you purchase today.

These early purchase incentives are available only for a limited time, so you will want to act now. To truly experience 999 Seymour in downtown Vancouver property market, you need to visit our 999 Seymour Street Sales Centre with its fully furnished display suite. We're located at 100 - 1050 Homer Street and are open daily from noon - 5pm except Fridays. You can also get more information from our website at or you can call the 999 Seymour Sales Team at 604 682 1050. We look forward to seeing you soon, Team 999

PS. There's another thing that A stands for... Action. Act now to take full advantage of our presale downtown Vancouver new condos at 999 Seymour incentives. Come see our Display Suite today. * Interest is based on 10% per annum simple interest with 15% down and is payable at completion (estimated June 2010).

999 Seymour - Let's make a deal!
Our 999 Seymour Condominium Sales Centre lease expires December 1st, and we want to sell 30 suites before we close! We are offering a great incentive program with a 10% low deposit structure that provides smart downtown Vancouver condo real estate investment options. These options are: 10% Cash Credit upon closing, or 10% Interest on Deposits PLUS 8% Cash Credit (estimate) upon closing, We're located at 100 - 1050 Homer Street and are open daily from noon - 5pm except Fridays. You can also get more information about the pre-construction Vancouver 999 Seymour condo apartments from our website at or us at 604 682 1050. We look forward to seeing you soon, Team 999 Seymour Vancouver Condos. Incentives valid up to and including November 30th, 2008. Some conditions apply. Please see Yvonne and Nancy for details.

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