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Downtown Vancouver Real Estate - New Condos and Pre-Sales High-Rise Residences
With so many options, Vancouver property home buyers are having a tough time choosing from the abundant new real estate properties in downtown Vancouver. From old heritage style townhomes and condominiums to new luxury high-rise apartment suites, downtown Vancouver real estate provides a plethora of home buying options both for primary residences, first time homebuyers, families, couples and of course property investors.

The Downtown Vancouver new pre-construction real estate scene continues to buck the trend as many of the new condos are sold out upon pre-sales launches so that home buyers are purchasing the residences off the plan.

What are your options if you are looking for a new condo in Vancouver City Centre?
First of all, there are about thirty new construction properties on the go in downtown Vancouver of which about ten are current high-rise tower residences selling off the plan or pre-construction pricing. With this comes a unique way to purchase your new home in downtown Vancouver's hot real estate market by locking in the price until closing and completion with only a small down payment. In most cases, the new downtown Vancouver condo pre-construction purchase contracts allow for either a 10 to 20% down payment deposit which will secure the high-rise tower condo or luxury townhome residence until the building is complete. For those who enjoy the urban and vibrant downtown Vancouver real estate lifestyle, these urban chic and modern/contemporary tower residences in pre-sales may be a perfect fit. Attracting large numbers of singles, professional couples and now familites, the downtown Vancouver condominium pre-construction scene has expanded its reach because people and families want to live close to work and places to have fun. Also, many friends and familes probably live in the downtown core as well, making it easier to keep in touch. The downtown Vancouver new real estate developments range from cityhomes to presales condos to luxury rowhome/townhomes and of course the most expensive of them all, penthouse tower condominiums.

Locations for Purchasing New Condos in Downtown Vancouver
In many ways, a community reflects not only your lifestyle choice but also who you are as a person. The downtown Vancouver real estate division lines are quite unique and attract various types of homebuyers and renters depending on age, sex, sexual orientation, demographics and much more. The condominium developments and pre-sales condos in downtown Vancouver reflect a change in mentality where small communities with accessible amenities and more are required for sustainable living. The most prestigious of all downtown Vancouver real estate areas include Yaletown pre-construction condos, Coal Harbour high-rise residences, Concord Pacific's False Creek area as well as the West End/Denman Street corridor. Up and coming real estate hot spots in downtown Vancouver include Gastown real estate, Chinatown, Crosstown and even through the business district and Robson Street. This only serves to indicate that many peole are attracted to the downtown Vancouver lifestyle and amenities and because of this, the population is increasing at a steady rate and jobs are being produced as we speak to accommodate these people moving in.

Vancouver Downtown Real Estate Districts
There is a huge inventory of presale condos and Downtown Vancouver condominium pre-construction available in the near future as there are thousands of units completing before the 2010 Olympics. With this comes good affordability and choices for new downtown Vancouver condos and apartments. You can choose from luxury and pricey Yaletown chic loft style residences or you can enjoy waterfront penthouse suites in Coal Harbour real estate market. Or you may opt for the trendy and up and coming neighbourhoods of Gastown, Crosstown and revitalization of Chinatown districts in the downtown Vancouver condo real estate market. Always a popular neighbourhood among singles, young couples, professionals and retirees, the Vancouver West End property market is buoyant as ever as the population of this area is one of the most dense neighbourhoods in all of North America. The attractiveness of the Vancouver West End real estate community is that residents can walk to all amenities, shopping, dining, nightclubs and bars, the beach, water and other recreational pursuits. Downtown Vancouver real estate certainly provides a wealth of options for the homebuyer (and even renter), so look around as the number of apartments, condominiums and townhomes for sale in the city centre of Vancouver are coming onto the market at reasonable prices. With oil prices going up and with no end in sight, many people are choosing to move back into the downtown Vancouver property market to save on gas, travel time and stress. This is a great opportunity for investors as well as home buyers to consider downtown Vancouver property, condominiums and townhouses as the housing values will continue on its upward streak for years to come.

Chic Yaletown Real Estate Is a Sure Bet
According to the latest article from Canadian Real Estate Magazine, Yaletown real estate is one of the best performing markets in all of Vancouver and will continue to do so because of several reasons. Safety, a short commute to work and a building that allowed pets were all major concerns for Angela Thermann when she was shopping for a new condo unit. Luckily she was able to find all of this in a two bedroom, one bathroom loft with a patio in Vancouver’s trendy suburb of Yaletown real estate. Angela purchased the 746 sq ft condo for $558,000. Since she’s a single woman who work s as a family physician, she’s often out late on house calls. She says she feels safe in Yaletown since there are always people out and about. Although she’s made her purchase, Angela is still concerned about eh sale of her current Yaletown unit. “I battled with my options: sell first and then be in a better bargaining position with the new condo, but run the risk of losing a good property; or sell and rent and take my time looking for the pefect place to buy when or if the real estate market drops,” she says. Angela decided to take the plunge and purchase first since she’d found a great deal that met all her requirements. “Safety, parking – a big concern in Yaletown real estate – outdoor deck, west facing, contemporary design, concrete structure, at least one and a half bedrooms, and proximity to a dog park and shops were all important issues to me,” she said. Brittany Anderson of RE/MAX Gustavson worked with Angela to help her find the perfect unit. Anderson specializes in various Yaletown condo developents and floor plans, and is familiar with the area and any new construction that may be in the pipeline. She researched the Yaletown real estate market and narrowed the search for Angela, helping her to avoid wasting time looking at unsuitable properties. Finally, Angela also handled all the paperwork and negotiation so that Angela was able to focus on her practise. “My experiene and knowledge with purchasing and selling property is limited, so having a great realtor whom I trust implicitly has been such a relief,” says Angela.

Coal Harbour Real Estate At a Glance – Get Cool and Cozy Today!
A community snapshot in the Vancouver 24Hours newspaper written by Susan B explains why this Vancouver waterfront real estate haven is now home to some of the most elegant, sophisticated and high-end luxury waterfront condos in downtown Vancouver real estate market in addition to having a wealth of amenities and a thriving community that is now only just coming to life after years of development and planning. For pure prestige, cachet, and contemporary opulence she says, it’s tough to beat the Coal Harbour real estate district. Long considered the Vancouver real estate neighbourhood among well heeled typically well traveled urbanites, Coal Harbour real estate condos has still somehow managed to preserve an ambiance of casual friendliness in an unabashedly city environment. The Coal Harbour condo property market in downtown Vancouver represents the essence of multi family housing and living. There are no single family homes in Coal Harbour downtown Vancouver real estate – period! High Rises in Coal Harbour condo market include Shaw Tower, Escala, Callisto, Waterfront Place, and the well known trio of condominium Vancouver Coal Harbour high rise towers at One, Two and Three Harbour Green. Many have garnered awards both provincially and nationally too. There’s also a limited supply of Vancouver Coal Harbour townhouses with an unusually high percentage of them rated live/work apartment townhome complexes, some along the waterfront too. Perhaps it’s the downtown Vancouver waterfront location with views across to Stanley Park and the North Shore mountains that make the Coal Harbour real estate community truly unique, exciting and inspiring. Maybe it’s the Coal Harbour marina where boats and floatplanes create a constantly immotion, living backdrop. Or it could just be the way you’ll find every generation sharing outdoor activities – from young moms and dads pushing the baby pram to silver haired seniors on roller blades debating politics with green haired teens or reading fairtales to the pint sized grandkids. This is true downtown Vancouver Coal Harbour community urban living. While only two years ago the resale Coal Harbour real estate market for the condominium homes that define this waterfront neighbourhood was tight, today there are more than 200 active condo and townhome listings in this luxury area. Downtown Vancouver Coal Harbour properties for sale range from compact studio suites so far out among the fringes that it’s sometimes stretching to say they are actually part of Coal Harbour real estate district but that can be had for $300,000 or less. Then go up… and way up. But surprisingly, in a neighbourhood that’s become synonymous with astronomic real estate prices, there are a few deals to be had in the Coal Harbour Vancouver property market right now. One bedroom condos can be found for less than $500,000, and a one two bedroom boasting over one thousand square feet, a prestigious address on Bayshore Drive, plus water views is recently listed fro $645,000. Prices for the Coal Harbour condos for sale plateau briefly at the $1.1 million mark before beginning to creep steadily upward toward $6 million. There are Coal Harbour downtown Vancouver properties for sale with it all including views, location on upper floors overlooking the water, amenities, typically including a swimming pool and 24/7 concierge service, and the coveted underground parking that’s becoming a rarity among downtown Vancouver neighbourhoods. From here, though, resale Coal Harbour condo pricing steps up in larger chunks – going from $6.8 to $7.1 to $12 million, and finally maxing out at $16.8 million for a 7,450 square foot home occupying an entire floor in Shaw Tower Coal Harbour condominiums and boasting its own in suite gym and eight parking spots, perhaps one car foe very day of the week plus a gust spot potentially.

Survey finds love affair with Downtown Vancouver Living
Published in the Real Estate Weekly newspaper. An 18 month study of the False Creek North (FCN) community in downtown Vancouver has found a high level accpeptance and satisfaction with “downtown Vancouver urban living.” Larry Beasley, former Vancouver City Planner said: “This is a unique study because it examines the feelings and satisfaction rate of residents living in a planned community. The research and study was conducted by graduate planning students at the University of british Columbia’s Schools of Community and Regional Planning. “The most cogent finding of this study is the almost unbelievable high level of positive response from residents. Over 90 per cent of respondents said they felt safe and secure in their homes in addition to being happy with the quality of life in their communities. That is very meaningful response,” Beasley said. Richard Wittstock, a condominium Vancouver developer in the False Creek North (FCN), said the study not only highlights the satisfaction of residents but also endorses the type of real estate development “our company has been doing in Vancouver’s downtown for a decade.” The study shows that the master planned community real estate Vancouver development has been successful in bringing people, notably fmailies, back into the downtown core. At the time of the study, over 10,570 residents were living in a total of 5,450 households within the boundaries of FCN, thirteen per cent of these under the age of 19. The False Creek high-rise community is set along a publicly accessible waterfront, with a generous park space and a range of shops, services, community facilities and maneities within walking distance for personal residences. While False creek Vancouver residents expressed strong overall satisfaction, the most common complaint was , not surprisingly, unit affordability and inadequate space. Vancouver condominium prices int eh area are among the highest in Vancouver real estate. Some fear they would have to move from the condos when their children grew older, due to a lack of space.

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