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Ready For More? Here Are the Final Steps in Selecting the BEST Vancouver 2010 Furnished Rentals – Part 2
Are you still uncertain about where to rent your Olympic rental accommodation? Here are the next and final three steps in the process that should help you decided where and what you are looking for and what will fit your travel plans. Selecting an ideal furnished 2010 Olympic rental is probably the most important decision you will have to make if you plan on attending this world class event.

Not only is there a lot of inventory online right now, but because of the economic turmoil and uncertainty of where the global economy will be during February 2010, many of the new Vancouver 2010 Olympic rental accommodations have been already marked down through individual homeowners or through rental property management companies. Therefore, by doing your research and due diligence early, you may find the best 2010 Olympic rental apartment, townhome or Vancouver home for rent may be within reach right now, with a lower than expected deposit and better payment plan. So, as usual, act quickly if you are ready. Be cautious of the prevalent furnished Vancouver 2010 rental scams. Negotiate all that you can and book.

Choose a price range for Olympic 2010 rentals first before browsing the many high-end options for accommodations during the Games

Step 4 – Select a Price Range for The Best Furnished 2010 Vancouver Rental Apartments and Homes for Rent
With any world class events such as the Winter Olympic Games, the pricing for fully furnished rental homes and apartment accommodation would be more than it usually costs. In Vancouver-Whistler, the 2010 rental accommodation should be reasonably priced, especially during these times of economic gloom and consumer pessimism. However, don’t think that you can get a great deal because there will be plenty of visitors looking for the best 2010 furnished rentals during the next few months. So what about price range? For any smaller studio and one bedroom suite, you’re looking at anywhere from $250 to $1000 per night. For furnished 2010 rentals with two bedroom apartments and townhomes for rent, you would be looking for approximately $500 to $1500 per night. For single family homes during the 2010 Olympic Games, you would be looking at upwards of $1000 to $3000 per night. Again, the price range for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic rentals all has to do with location, size, views and distance to event venues. For location, the hot spots of South East False Creek, Yaletown Coal Harbour, Kits, Point Grey and the downtown West Side will go for the most when it comes to price of furnished 2010 Vancouver rentals accommodation. In addition, West Vancouver and North Vancouver, being closer to the Cypress Mountain venues, will also go for a bit more than other cities when it comes to fully furnished accommodations for the 2010 Olympics. And that being said, both Burnaby and Richmond will be hosting Olympic Events, and therefore, will see high rental prices in communities for the best furnished 2010 Vancouver rental apartments and homes. These are great times to start looking as you will beat the rush in many cases. The media hasn’t really booked yet and most people won’t be planning until a few weeks before the big event. Therefore, you may even get some bargains for the best 2010 Olympic rental accommodation if you look online right now.

How long do you want to stay for the 2010 Olympics?  Choose a date range for your travel plans and book your 2010 rental accommodations early

Step 5 – Decide When You Want to Experience the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver Whistler
Do you want to stay overnight or the entire event? These are some questions you will need to decide upon when choosing the best 2010 Vancouver Olympic rental accommodation. Many property owners and managers are willing to rent out nightly, but in most cases, homeowners are looking for visitors who can stay at least a week from a Friday to Friday if possible. The timeline in terms of your travel schedule will be of utmost importance in selecting a good Vancouver 2010 rental accommodation, whether it by an Olympic home for rent or townhome or studio apartment. Homeowners will need to book around any unusual length of time that you may be planning, and therefore, may opt for the conventional weekly or nightly basis for most visitors. In addition, in some instances, you, as a renter, may get a special weekly rate for a furnished 2010 Olympic rental accommodation. Even if it is 5% off, it’s still a discount! Also, if you stay for the entire month of February 2010, your Olympic rental apartment or home should also be discounted even more. Most online 2010 rental websites will list prices based on nights, weeks or months. In addition, if you are planning on visiting Vancouver or Whistler, the two host cities for the Olympic Winter Games, before or after the event, you will also get some great rates. Obviously you want to be there during the Olympics, but be assured now, the Olympic spirit will start early on in 2010 and these furnished 2010 rental suites and apartments will be a heck of a lot cheaper to rent in January or March compared with February. Again, most furnished 2010 rental property managers will provide prices for January and March rentals too, so just ask and see what is out there.

Making sure that you have a secure booking for 2010 rentals online is tough when there are so many Craigslist rental scams and fraudulent companies advertising home rentals during the Olympic Winter Games

Step 6 – Securely Book Your Furnished 2010 Rental Accommodation Online Through Trusted Vancouver 2010 Homes for Rent Websites and 2010 Olympic Property Management Companies
With many Vancouver 2010 rental scams online right now, there is not much that the government or anyone can do about it. The only thing that we recommend to travelers before they book their furnished 2010 rental accommodation is to do their due diligence and check out the individual renting the suite, calling other renters or doing background checks on them. With furnished 2010 rental management companies, research their partners and the property managers to see if they have had other problems before. By doing research, you can bypass these 2010 Vancouver rental scams and be on your way to a smooth booking for your dream home. The websites to look out for especially in terms of Vancouver 2010 rental scams is Craigslist. It has been said that more than forty per cent of normal rental ads on Craigslist are fraudulent. The prevalence of Craigslist 2010 Vancouver rental scams is quite alarming, so if it doesn’t feel right or if it is too good to be true, please do not go through with your booking. Just to test out the advertiser or the so-called homeowner, ask them if they would be willing to show the furnished 2010 rental suite if you decide to come to Vancouver for a visit. As well, you could also ask the homeowner/landlord to show proof of title on the property to make sure that they actually own the 2010 furnished apartment or home. This way, you can deal with any Craigslist Vancouver 2010 rental scam online and not go through with your booking. Again, you’re only going to book a furnished 2010 Vancouver rental apartment or townhome once, so make it one that is not a 2010 rental scam! Most rental property management companies will have online booking engines that are verified to be secure. This way, you can make an online payment for the best 2010 rentals online using your MasterCard or Visa (some accept American Express). By doing so, you are protected from 2010 rental scams and also individual homeowners who may ask you to send a bank draft or cash. These furnished 2010 Vancouver rental scams and fraudulent sites are quite well organized, so when in doubt, do more research before booking,

We hope that this information on Vancouver Real Estate Direct about the steps involved in choosing the BEST furnished 2010 rental accommodations has been helpful.

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