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Vancouver Homeowner 2010 Checklist for Home Owner Furnished 2010 Rental Accommodation
If you are a Vancouver home owner and you have decided to rent out your suite, condo, townhouse or single family detached house, there are a few things that you need to prepare for and decide upon before, during and after the Winter Olympic Games. This Vancouver homeowner 2010 checklist or home owner 2010 check list is for those people who want to rent their furnished or unfurnished 2010 rental accommodation for short-term stays during the Winter Games in February 2010.

Obviously, if you are a seasoned property manager, these Vancouver homeowner 2010 Olympic checklists will be quite familiar to you, but for newbies who are renting their homes for the first time, these 2010 Vancouver homeowner checklists are going to make or break your experience as a landlord. There are many things that you must consider and may not be aware of when you are renting short-term 2010 Vancouver accommodations, and the next series of Vancouver home owner 2010 checklists will outline all the things you need to think about now and until after the Olympic Games are over. These new 2010 homeowner checklists are here to help and assist you in making the right decisions and also to protect you in the case of a bad tenant, damages, or even theft. As a Vancouver homeowner, the 2010 check lists here will help guide you through what most professional management companies deal with every day. So here they are in a nutshell.

However, if you would like a downloadable Vancouver 2010 Homeowners Guidebook and 2010 Landlord Guide with a lot more detailed info and a step-by-step checklist with lots of links to pertinent details, you can download it for ONLY 99¢.

The BEST Vancouver 2010 Homeowners Checklist for furnished Olympic Winter Games Accommodation

The Pre-Olympic Vancouver Homeowner Checklist
If you are looking to rent your home for the Winter Olympics and haven’t yet started, now is the time to begin your tenant search. By following the Vancouver 2010 homeowner checklist, you will be able to review and do your due diligence in all areas in order to find the perfect tenant for your suite, condo, townhome or home. The Vancouver 2010 rental checklist is here to guide you through the process of property managing your rental accommodation during the Olympics, and for those of you who have never done this, there may be a few things that you need to keep in mind. A Vancouver 2010 rental accommodation is like a business deal. Everything has to be agreed upon between all parties and the collection of funds and managing your furnished Vancouver 2010 rental property through the use of the 2010 checklist for homeowners is of utmost importance. Obviously, we cannot cover everything you need to do and look out for when it comes to a furnished Vancouver 2010 rental accommodation, but we have tried our best to outline the most important issues and steps involved in our homeowner 2010 checklist for Vancouver home owners converting their suites and residences into Olympic housing. Again, this guide will allow you to cover all basis when dealing with a Vancouver 2010 rental accommodation that you are managing and also to find the best tenant suitable for your rental suite. Here are the first few steps involved with renting Vancouver 2010 rentals:

Determine the type of Vancouver 2010 Rental housing you are offering
In many cases, you will be either renting out an entire apartment condominium, townhome or single family home.
However, there are also other instances where a Vancouver homeowner may opt to rent out a basement suite or even a bedroom within a home.
Decide on what is most suitable for you in terms of your Vancouver 2010 rentals offering.
Select the Availability Dates for your Vancouver 2010 Rentals
In order for you to find the ideal tenant for your furnished Vancouver 2010 rentals, you must first decide on the availability dates of your suite or home.
The Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games run in February 2010, for a total of two and a half weeks, so it is very important that you either make available the entire time, or expand your Vancouver 2010 rentals availabilities to the entire month of February 2010.
In some cases, like the media and athlete’s families, they may want to rent your Vancouver 2010 rentals before and after the Winter Olympics, so be ready to rent your home for January and even March 2010 for extra income.
• Determine your Vancouver 2010 Rentals rate card and competitive pricing
In order to be competitive, make sure you do your research into how much other property management companies are charging for their Vancouver 2010 rentals.
Remember to do a cross analysis of furnished or unfurnished rental 2010 accommodations that pertain to your specific community within your city, the number of bedrooms/bathrooms, square footage/size, number of levels and the age of the rental suite.
In addition, you must compare your furnished Vancouver 2010 rentals with others in terms of parking and furnishings.
Select the On Site Amenities that will be included with the rental rate
In many cases, Vancouver homeowners will have the ability to offer extra incentives or on site amenities as part of the Olympic experience for their tenants.
If you have onsite building amenities such as swimming pools, fitness gyms, yoga studios, health spas, lounges, rooftop decks, billiards tables, screening rooms or other perks, decide what is included with the furnished Vancouver rentals that you are offering, and what is not so that there isn’t any confusion.
Understand the Local Amenities of interest
Many tenants and visitors will want to be not only close to the Olympic Venues but also local conveniences, so make sure you understand the most important amenities that your location is known for, whether it be shopping or dining, banks or libraries, recreational or entertainment facilities etc.
Furnished or Unfurnished Vancouver 2010 Rentals?
Choose between unfurnished or furnishing your Vancouver 2010 rental accommodation. Obviously, most tenants and visitors will be looking for fully furnished suites.
Decide what furniture and furnishings need to stay, be replaced or be added to your furnished 2010 Vancouver rental home or suite and have a list of all features ready for potential tenants.
Home Insurance
Make sure you have adequate home insurance that protects your home in case of damages and/or theft
Strata Bylaws and Regulations
Another thing to make sure is that if you live in a condo or townhome strata, that your strata bylaws allow you to offer short term 2010 Vancouver rentals.
Many strata bylaws and regulations now restrict short-term rentals under 6 months and will penalize you for advertising and committing to such agreements.
In some cases, strata bylaws may allow original home purchasers to rent Vancouver 2010 rentals short-term.
Marketing and Advertising Your furnished 2010 accommodation
Often overlooked as the last step in renting your home or condo, a Vancouver 2010 rental must be accurately and efficiently marketed to the mass audience.
Try uploading advertisements to free sites such as Craigslist.org or Kijiji.ca.
Also try some of the paid listing sites for your furnished Vancouver 2010 rental.
Lastly, you can pinpoint some magazines and newspapers for more exposure.
Make sure that your ad contains a detailed and accurate description of your new Vancouver 2010 rentals, as in most cases, the potential tenants will not have a chance to view the suite in person before arriving in Vancouver for the Olympics.
Also make sure that you take pictures of the exteriors and every room in the interiors with the furnishings (or as close to the final furnished look as possible) and make sure you have good lighting.

The TOP Olympic 2010 Home Owners Check List for Vancouver homeowners renting their homes out during the Winter Olympics

Preparing the Residential Tenancy Agreement – A Lease 2010 Checklist for Preparation
If you are looking for some tips on how to draft a Residential Tenancy Lease for your furnished Vancouver 2010 rental for the Olympic Games, you can most likely just visit the Government Website for a downloadable PDF. We are here to help you with the addendum for other regulations and terms that we recommend you add into the Residential Tenancy Agreement. This Vancouver 2010 lease checklist for homeowners renting their homes during the Winter Games is here to go step by step in what should be included with your agreement contract. Remember that you are most likely dealing with travelers and visitors who you may not be able to meet prior to their arrival. Therefore, it is of utmost importance, that you, as a BC landlord, follow all requirements by law for drafting a contract in this Vancouver Homeowner 2010 Checklist. The following Vancouver 2010 checklist for lease agreements also covers the smaller details that you may not be aware of or have forgotten to add. Remember that the standard BC Residential Tenancy Agreement is just that, the bare bones for a short-term furnished rental 2010 accommodation. Therefore, we try to cover more information in this Vancouver lease 2010 checklist for property homeowners and landlords for the upcoming short term rental suites. Here is the rental 2010 homeowner checklist for lease agreements:

Vancouver 2010 Rentals Application
When someone is inquiring about your furnished Olympic 2010 rental, please make sure you do your due diligence and ask the right questions that may include their full name, contact information, location desired, bedrooms/bathrooms, amenity requirements and other things of interest.
In addition, if possible, do both a credit check and criminal check on your potential Vancouver 2010 renter.
Follow-up on all references.
The Standard Residential Tenancy Agreement
Download the latest 6 page BC Residential Tenancy Agreement (#RTB-1) online at the Office of Housing and Construction Standards British Columbia government website.
Use this exact Residential Tenancy Agreement for your furnished Vancouver 2010 rental accommodation.
Fill out all the pages of the BC Residential Tenancy Agreement and on Page 2 of #RTB-1 for your furnished Vancouver 2010 rental, make sure you select ‘other periodic tenancy’ as your option for the short-term furnished 2010 Olympic housing rental.
Check off everything that is included with the 2010 rental accommodation and specify and deposits and rent amounts.
BC Short-Term Residential Tenancy Agreement Addendum
As mentioned above, the Vancouver 2010 homeowner checklist also includes a section for an addendum to the tenancy agreement for your short term furnished 2010 rental accommodation.
This addendum is used to outline other additional terms and expectations for the agreement including extra bylaws, regulations and penalties for various infractions during your tenants’ stay in your home.
The Addendum should also have a section where the party signing has to give all the full names and contact information about the persons staying at your Vancouver 2010 rental accommodation.
The Agreement Addendum on the 2010 Vancouver homeowner checklist should also contain a section that specifies that smoking is NOT allowed inside at any time and substance abuse would not be tolerated. Infractions can lead to immediate eviction.
Also include a section about cleaning upon move-out.
Have the tenant initial at the bottom of each page and sign/date the final page to acknowledge that they have received and understand the additional terms and conditions for your Vancouver 2010 rentals.
Collection of Funds
In order for the furnished Vancouver 2010 rental process to run smoothly, make sure that all the terms surrounding the collection of rent and deposits are indicated in writing and signed off.
A 50% non-refundable deposit must be transferred to your bank account or paid by bank draft or Paypal in order to secure the Vancouver 2010 rentals (furnished or unfurnished).
In addition, a non-refundable security deposit (also called a damage deposit) of ½ the amount of the total rental price for the tenant stay should be charged at the same time.
The remaining 50% rental payment for the furnished Vancouver 2010 rentals should be payable within four to six weeks of the tenant arrival again by bank draft, online PayPal or in cash.
Also have the tenant agree to an addition $150 to $250 for cleaning fees.

The Vancouver 2010 Landlord Checklist for finding the best tenants for your furnished Olympic rental suite

Other Checklist 2010 Vancouver Homeowner Tips and Recommendations
Obviously, there are many things that have to work simultaneously in order for the 2010 homeowner checklist to run smoothly for your furnished Vancouver 2010 rentals. Other things of note are indicated in the below checklist for Vancouver Homeowners for 2010 rental accommodation:

2010 Hotel Room Taxes or the BC HRT and Municipal Taxes
For Vancouver homeowners renting four or more units of accommodation, you must charge your tenant the 8% Hotel Room Taxes for any short-term Vancouver 2010 rental.
In addition to the BC HRT of 8%, for homeowners in most cities, you will need to charge an additional 2% in municipal taxes, which is also usually passed on to the tenant.
Make Your Vancouver 2010 Rentals Competitive
With professional 2010 property management companies specializing in the Winter Olympic Games rentals and with other well branded individual investors, make sure that your unit gets the exposure and competitive edge.
You can do this by hiring a marketing designer or by added incentives like including home transfers, Olympic event tickets, dinner gift certificates or onsite amenities.

Your Post 2010 Olympic Checklist for Vancouver Home Owners
What are you going to do with your apartment condo or home after the 2010 Olympic Games? If it is your primary residence, are you moving back or continuing to rent? If you are an investor, are you going to look for a new tenant post-2010 Olympics? If so, this Vancouver 2010 home owner checklist should answer some of your questions and also prepare you for the aftermath. The rental 2010 homeowner checklist will also go through some cashflow and money issues that you may not be aware of. Remember that there are tax implications in everything that you decide on, so following this guide for Vancouver Homeowners 2010 checklist will help you through all the things you need to think about.

Personal Income Taxes to the CRA
If you are renting your home for the 2010 Olympic Games, you must report all rental income to CRA at the end of the year.
Usually, because these are short-term Vancouver 2010 rentals, you will need to pay taxes on 100% of your profit.
Ask your accountant regarding how to offset your 2010 rental income with expenses that include your strata, property taxes, interest on your mortgage and other furnishings and purchases you made to get your Vancouver 2010 rentals ready for your tenants.
GST Rental Rebate Claims
Remember that the GST 524 Rental Rebate is only for long-term rentals as you need to substantiate a 12 month lease agreement in order for you to claim the refund.
The GST524 Rental Rebate may not be claimed for your furnished Vancouver 2010 rental accommodation as it is less than 6 months.
Remember that the GST 524 Rental Rebate only works for new condo and townhome properties that you recently closed on for $350,000 or less.
The Primary Residence Exemption
If you are renting out your own home or primary residence condo, there may be long term consequences regarding your potential future profit when you sell your home.
Please do your due diligence and calculate your PRE or Primary Residence Exemption to see if this will affect your furnished Vancouver 2010 rentals.
Post 2010 Olympic Vancouver Rental Market
As the 2010 Winter Olympics wind down, most athletes, media and family will be leaving Vancouver, and as a result, the city rental inventory will skyrocket.
Budget a 1 to 2 month contingency for vacancies post-2010 Olympic Games
Be prepared for fierce competition for tenants once the Vancouver 2010 Olympics are over, as many investors and owners will be looking for new tenants, and renters will be looking for great deals.

We hope that you find this information useful in your search for the ideal tenants for your furnished Vancouver 2010 rentals. One thing you must always remember is that you should treat your furnished 2010 Vancouver rentals as a business, so make sure that you cover all basis and protect yourself against problems that may arise before, during and after the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. And always remember to have fun and enjoy this incredible event.

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