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Vancouver 2010 Security for Visitors and Olympic Travelers PLUS RCMP Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit
As you may be well aware, Vancouver Olympic security will be one of the most talked about and most important factors in having a successful event. Vancouver 2010 security will be budgeted for accordingly in all Venue Cities as well as the Sea to Sky Highway and the waterways to protect Olympic athletes, visitors, tourists and travelers into the Vancouver Whistler area. In addition, the RCMP Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit is making their base at Ballantyine Port in Downtown Vancouver.

Vancouver 2010 Security for International Visitors and Olympic Athletes
If you are planning a trip to come to the Vancouver Whistler 2010 Winter Olympic Games, security will be an important factor in deciding if and when to come to experience the world class event. 2010 security has been at the forefront of all the Olympic Vancouver proposals to the IOC as well as to the City of Vancouver, and protecting athletes, media, international tourists and travelers is of utmost importance to the planning committee. Every measure has been proposed, designed and integrated into an overall Vancouver 2010 security plan that will ensure that all international visitors and travelers are completely safe during their Olympic visit. As indicated below, the RCMP/police have leased three large cruise ships to house the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Integrated Security Unit that will be berthed in Ballantyne Port in downtown Vancouver throughout the entire event. Visitor security and 2010 traveler security will be very important, and there will be no doubt extra security and precautions throughout the Olympic Athlete’s Village, designated ceremony areas and of course the Vancouver Whistler Olympic venues. All the venue cities within Greater Vancouver and Whistler and the Sea to Sky Highway will also be patrolled by armed police forces and the RCMP throughout the Games to ensure that the Vancouver 2010 security can protect all international visitors, tourists and Olympic travelers from around the world. In addition to this added security force for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games security for visitors and 2010 travelers to the city will feel protected, but not enclosed. There will also be other Vancouver 2010 security in plain clothes at the Olympic venues and celebration sites to thrawrt any attempts at disrupting the Winter Games. All in all, visitor security and 2010 Traveler security in Vancouver will be at the highest level the city has ever seen. In addition, Vancouver has always been one of the safest urban cities to live in North America.

The RCMP Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit will have their headquarters in leased cruise ships such as the Carnival Elation during January to March 2010

2010 Olympic RCMP and Police Cops Elated with Carnival Cruise Line Housing Deal
As reported by Bob for 24 Hours Vancouver newspaper, the Carnival Elation Cruise Ship has now struck a deal with local RCMP to charter it as a 2010 Vancouver Olympics Integrated Security Unit. Passengers who booked a Mexican cruise holiday on the Carnival Elation cruise line for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games, however, are not very ecstatic as their holiday plans have been stopped abruptly by this latest announcement. The Carnival Elation is a two thousand and fifty two passenger 2010 cruise line that normally operates 3 to 5 day trips from San Diego down to Baja Mexico. However in early 2010 before the Vancouver Olympic Winter Games, the Carnival Elation will cruise empty up to Vancouver to gear up for the event. Just announced by the RCMP Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit, Carnival Elation cruise ship will be one of three ships that will be chartered for the police force and security during the Winter Olympics at a tune of $76 million. Housing more than five thousand cops for the RCMP, the 2010 Vancouver cruise ships will also house troops during the Winter Olympic Games and the deal was finalized in April 2009. According to Vance of Carnival Cruise Lines, “The Carnival Elation was scheduled to be in service and we are contacting guests sailing on these voyages. They will be offered alternative ship or sai dates or can opt for a full refund of their cruise fares.” In addition to the Carnival Elation 2010 cruise ship chartered by the Vancouver RCMP and troops, there are also two ships from Carnival’s Seattle sister company Holland America that will also play the same role during the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games. The nineteen hundred and sixteen passenger MS Oosterdam and the twelve hundred and fifty eight passenger MS Statendam will join the Carnival Elation Vancouver 2010 cruise ship charters for the RCMP at Ballantyne Pier, east of Canada Place. In addition, lawyers for the RCMP are also waiting for a Washington judge to decide their March 31st application to dismiss the breach of contract lawsuit by Cruise Connections Charter Management. Back in November 2008, Cruise Connections sued the RMCP after the failed $57 million contract because of a dispute over payment, taxation and currency exchange. All in all, these 3 Vancouver 2010 cruise ships from Holland America and Carnival Cruise Lines will house more than 5000 RCMP, troops and police/security force for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

The Olympic Integrated Security Force will be on hand to make sure that the Vancouver 2010 security for travelers, athletes, interntaional tourists and visitors is smooth and safe

The Security Measures for the 2010 Winter Olympics has been stepped up with the Southeast False Creek Vancouver Fence for 2010.
The Plaza of Nations company that features dinner and dances on cruise ships is shouting out to the city that they don’t want to fenced out during the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games as the city ponders security measures and doing a False Creek fence for the duration of the event. According to 24 Hours Vancouver newspaper, James of Pride of Vancouver Charters is he is very worried that the Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit will dash his dreams of making money during the Winter Olympics. The RCMP led Winter Games security force plans to stretch a fence across False Creek Vancouver for the 2010 Games under the Cambie Street Bridge, from January 25th to March 24th, 2010. This is to protect the Southeast False Creek Olympic Village. In addition, security boats will also escort boats that need access to the False Creek Vancouver area and the Olympic Village during the Winter Games. If the False Creek security fence is passed, MacMillan suspects that passengers cannot board from the Plaza of Nations even though the Edgewater Casino will remain open during the event. By Bob of 24 Hours.

2010 Olympics Marine Security Closures
Just after the cruise ship dining and dancing company mentioned that they didn’t know anything about the False Creek security fence, 24 Hours now reports that the operations management company of the Granville Island Aquabus is also not aware of the 2010 security plans for marine security closures during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. Jody of Aquabus Ferries said the he met with VANOC, Vancouver city officials and Granville Island regarding possible closures to the marine waters during the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games. However, they were overlooked by the RCMP Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit. He said that he is not surprised that a floating fence will be erected closer to the eastern False Creek marine area at the Cambie Street Bridge, but that is all.

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