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Big Bank Rates in Canada Just Don't Compare
What do BMO, Royal Bank, TD, CIBC and Bank of Nova Scotia all have in common?

“These big banks top mortgage rates are over 1% higher than many best rates available on the market. Even worse, they’re a full 2.14% higher than the best available interest rate in Canada.”

When it comes to financing your home and getting the best mortgage rates possible, these banks don’t even come close. It’s very surprising that people would even consider coming to these banks if you look at how poorly they compete to attract your financing. With mortgage rates at record breaking lows it’s easy to jump in to a mortgage with one of the larger banks. Their marketing and advertising budgets put them front and centre and because they have so many more people walking through their doors, it’s clear they can afford to charge more. Their profits seem to come first. However, when you’re looking for home financing that makes sense, and that can save your hundreds of dollars every month, and tens of thousands over a 5 year term, you owe it to yourself to strive for the best rates you can get.

In a recent survey of interest rates for Canadian banks, trust accounts and lending institutions, it became very clear that BMO, Royal Bank, CIBC and TD have no interest in giving their consumers a break. Taking a look at the mortgage rate survey it became clear that most of the big bank mortgage rates were all in line with each other. Somehow it’s a little like the gas companies where they’re watching each other every minute. It seems like an unwritten rule. What this means to you, the consumer, is that if you’re serious about getting the best bang for your buck - - you must look at your alternatives. Here is what the recent mortgage survey uncovered.

HSBC Canada 5.79%
Bank of Nova Scotia 5.79%
CIBC 5.79%
Royal Bank 5.79%
T-D Mortgage 5.79%

When you look at companies like ING Direct, Home Trust Company and FirstLine Mortgages you can see an immediate gap between the big banks and the more aggressive lending institutions.

ING Direct 4.34%
Home Trust Company 4.39%
First Line Morgages 4.79%
First National Finance 4.39%

The difference between traditional lending institutions with their 5.79% mortgage interest rates compared to some of the second best rates at 4.34% is 1.45%. That’s a huge difference. It means saving potentially hundreds of dollars per month off your mortgage payments (depending on the size of your mortgage). It also means saving tens of thousands of dollars over a 5 year term. Imagine if you could knock another 0.75% or more off the above best rates and 2.14% off the traditional bank mortgage rates.

Now you can!

Take a look at our current rates:

The best mortgage rates in the industry by a huge margin are available for you right now.

At first look, it’s quite surprising to see such a dramatic difference between the top banks and the second level mortgage companies and lending institutions. It’s even more surprising to see a company offer interest rates this much better than all the competition.

And if you ask yourself, is this too good to be true – the answer is no. Sutton Member Program is working in conjunction with Finder Financial Services Ltd to bring these new low level interest rates to the market. Due to Sutton Group’s massive real estate success and sales volume throughout Canada we’ve been able to structure an amazing partnership that is geared towards giving Sutton Group clients and agents a major advantage.

If you’re seriously in the market for a new home or condo and want to save hundreds of dollars every month give Kevin Lynch of Sutton Group West Coast Realty a call. He’ll answer your questions and help you take the steps you need.

Simply call Kevin Lynch at 604-986-9321 in the day. If you want more information, or want to apply for your financing after hours, you can email him your request at

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