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Garrison Crossing Townhomes
Located in the new Chilliwack centre, the Garrison Crossing homes and condominium townhomes is a new master-planned residential community that is pedestrian friendly and safe.

The master planned Garrison Crossing condo homes and townhomes are actually a re-invention of the original military base in Chilliwack which has been transformed into a lush, pedestrian based friendly residential community for young couples and growing families.

About the Townhomes at Chilliwack Garrison Crossing Condos
With a diverse array of home types available a the Chilliwack Garrison Crossing residential condo community, this real estate property development will feature everything from Garrison Crossing Chilliwack new single family detached homes to refurbished townhomes and from condominium suites to town houses. Part of the Chilliwack City’s plan to urbanize and provide adequate housing to multi-generational living that is safe and friendly, the Chilliwack Garrison Crossing condos, townhomes and single family homes surely delivers in that regard. Recently launched marketing and advertising point you to the Chilliwack Garrison Crossing condominium homes and apartments presentation centre and display suite that is located at Building 24 on Normandy Drive (off of Keith Wilson Road) in Chilliwack, British Columbia. In addition, the model suite and sales office for the Garrison Crossing Chilliwack condo homes and townhomes is open on everyday except for Friday between one and four in the afternoon. For details about this master-planned Chilliwack real estate property at Garrison Crossing Homes, condos and townhouses, please visit their website address at today. In addition, you can also call the Chilliwack Garrison Crossing condo homes sales office to book an appointment for purchase or enquiry using the following telephone number: 604.824.5062.

The amenities at Garrison Crossing Condominiums in Chilliwack, BC
With over two hundred homes already sold, the Chilliwack Garrison Crossing real estate properties is a hot commodity when it comes to the growing real estate market trends towards the outer Greater Vancouver townships. At Chilliwack Garrison Crossing townhomes, homes and single family detached houses, this property development is close to so many local amenities and conveniences, that you won’t even feel like you were outside downtown Vancouver. The entire re-development master-plan of this residential community at Garrison Crossing Chilliwack will include single family residential, multiple family housing, mixed use commercial, residential and institutional property real estate, open spaces for parks and vegetation and landscaping buffers. From the amenities end, Garrison Crossing in British Columbia will provide a wealth of features including shops and services, elementary and high schools, child and helath care, senior programs and services, recreational venues and arts and cultural events. In addition, the community at Garrison Crossing condo townhomes and single family homes will be very close to major freeways and public transportation routes.

The natural lifestyle at Garrison Crossing is all you need to know
If you are an urbanite and have never experienced living out in the natural preserves, forests and greenery for British Columbia, today is the day where you should move to Chilliwack Garrison Crossing and live the healthy life with you and your family. Close to major hiking and biking trails and with many pedestrian walking paths, the Garrison Crossing single family homes and townhome community is a perfect place for you to stay healthy and active. With wide open green space, park areas, forests and more, the natural beauty of the Garrison Crossing Chilliwack condominium homes and townhouses will be your backdrop during the entire year. For the Admin and Marketing Assistant at the Chilliwack Garrison Crossing real estate re-development plan, you can contact her at either or by phone at (604) 824-5062. The presentation center for the Garrison Crossing townhomes, single family homes and condominium units is located in Building # twenty four on Normandy Drive in Chilliwack, BC. Open between 1 – 5pm except on Friday and Stat Holidays, you can find directions and a map to get to the Chilliwack Garrison Crossing residential community on the townhome and condo web site located at the following URL domain For a list of the latest news and updates about the community real estate development at Garrison Crossing townhomes and single family detached homes in Chilliwack, please visit their website page at for articles and news clippings. This will give you a greater sense of the entire construction project going on in Chilliwack, British Columbia.