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Vancouver West Real Estate Developments
The West Side of Vancouver, often referred to as Vancouver West is home to some of the most prestigious and luxurious property construction properties in all of the Lower Mainland. Most of these new developments are in well established neighbourhoods, and because of this, have to fit in with the current demographics, architecture and high-end nature of the surrounding community.

The Vancouver West real estate condo pre-construction properties have also remained very hot in terms of selling out during the pre-sales launches and in many cases, the West Side of Vancouver has seen the largest growth in capital land appreciation of any community in Greater Vancouver. Home buyers who grew up in this area and want to stay, have many opportunities at purchasing new condos in Vancouver West, usually associated with any address west of Cambie or Main Street, although the boundary between Vancouver West and East seems to be a grey area still. In any case, with many future condominium developments slated for arrival in 2009, the Vancouver West real estate scene will provide many different purchase offerings in both condo pre-sales as well as completed residences for homebuyers who want to live right in teh city, close to many of Vancouver's most beautiful city parks, amenities and recreational facilities.

Vancouver West Locations for Your New Home
The community/area considerd to be the West Side of Vancouver real estate includes everything from UBC all the way to Main Street usually. Many of the new real estate properties in Vancouver West property seems to be happening along the Kitsilano to Point Grey to UBC route. Many new pre-construction condos in Kitsilano and Granville Island have come up and as you would expect, many are sold out off the plan before any building begins. Other more luxurious townhomes and townhouses in Vancouver West are located around the Kerrisdale and Oakridge communities as well as in UBC. Which leads to our next discussion of some of the most luxurious waterfront and prestigious pre-construction Vancouver West condos which are located on the University of British Columbia Land. With luxury high-rise condo towers as well as boutique townhome developments appearing around the UBC real estate community, families with children have been drawn to this area so that they as well as their children are close to school, work and play. Plus, there are many new real estate condos in Kits and the Point Grey districts, which are of course, some of the most expensive areas in all of the Lower Mainland. The Southland Shores area development is also starting right now with large waterfront home sites that will attract those wealthy individuals and families. All in all, Vancouver West real estate is very strong and continues to appreciate at an outstanding amount.

Vancouver Westside Real Estate Communities To Watch
If you are looking to move to the West Side of Vancouver property, now is the time to seeze this great purchase opportunity. With prices stagnating throughout the region, the Vancouver Westside homes and properties have actually stabilized to a point where empty nesters moving away need to sell their single family west side Vancouver homes at reasonable and affordable costs. So if you are a young small family or even a professional couple looking for a larger house, the Vancouver Westside real estate market will hold many options for you. For singles and young couples, the Vancouver west side property market has always been very kind to first time homebuyers in the areas of Kits real estate also known as Kitsilano, just steps from the beach, West 4th and 10th Avenue shopping and dining and a great neighbourhood to wander around and relax. Kitsilano offers a wealth of single family detached homes, presale condos, pre-construction apartment townhomes and also luxury Kits residences right now for resale. Also part of the West Side of Vancouver real estate includes West Point Grey that offers more single family homes, some on hilltops and others also along the beautiful and pristine waterfront. Other growing communities as mentioned above include the UBC real estate district in the westside of Vancouver property market that has seen the largest boom in construction over the past few years. With the Westbrook and other condo towers as well as presale condominiums townhomes and single family homes, this Vancouver Westside real estate community is bound to grow leaps and bounds in the coming years. Some of the Vancouver West Side property is leasehold land of 99 years including some propreties in the UBC Endowment Lands. Other retired couples or seniors who are looking for a great retirement community can find luxury condos and older homes in the Kerrisdale Westside Vancouver real estate neighbourhood. Others can find more entry level condos and apartments on the south end of the Vancouver west side district (closer to Richmond and the Airport). Professionals and arts/cultural enthusiasts may select the South Granville real estate district in the west side of Vancouver property market as their home. With pricey and luxury condo apartments, townhomes, rowhomes and single family homes everywhere, this is a perfect location to get to the Broadway Corridor, UBC, Kits and downtown Vancouver. Whatever you are looking for the westside of Vancouver real estate districts provide a number of great opportunities for any lifestyle and walk of life.

Community Snapshot: Kitsilano Real Estate in the Vancouver Westside
From the 24 Hours newspaper by Susan B. Itching for a Kits home. Boasting an almost mythical cachet and vibrancy, Kitsilano real estate is a neighbourhood that’s weathered every housing market cycle with élan, consistently retaining its place as one of Vancouver real estate’s most sought after areas. From as far away as Montreal or Labrador, people moving to Vancouver ask the question: What about Kits real estate? Kitsilano is a neighbourhood in the Vancouver Westside with diversity and depth: No single age or ethnic demographic dominates. Here, artists happily coexist with millionaire business tycoons, window washers and nuclear physicists, and you’re as likely to see a wisp of grey hair sneaking out from under a cyclist helmet as two teenagers engaged in an intense game of chess at the local coffee bar. Although often preserved as predominantly a condo neighbourhood, the Kits houses and Westside Vancouver townhouse actually form almost half of available resale products in the Kits real estate market. Expect to pay at least $900,000 for a modest “character house” that’s seen a few years and some renovation. Most are closer to the $1.3 million mark with restored, heritage properties routinely commanding well over $2 million. For $7 million in the Kitsilano Vancouver West Side real estate market, you can get ocean views and a seven bedroom Kits home –which seems like a bargain compared to the $19 million you would have to fork out over for a subdividable lot with two “livable” Kits duplexes located in the next block. A new Kitsilano townhouse can be had for $350,000 although most command prices of $500,000 or more, and one of the boutique Kitsilano homes in smaller, heritage style buildings typically come with a price tag of $1 million or more, typical in the West Side Vancouver real estate market. New construction in the Kits real estate community is primarily intimate, in-fill projects like Canvas on 8th Avenue just west of Arbutus – projects that typically sell out rapidly with little or no advertising. Kits Condominiums offer a broad range of choice and location with almost 200 resale Kitsilano suites currently running the gambit from a $280,000 studio in Arbutus Walk to just over $1 million for a penthouse with peek a boo views near Kits Point. First on First Kits real estate development now presents some of Kitsilano’s most expensive condo homes – a cool $2 million for a Kits penthouse suite. Property developers are clearly taking full advantage of buyers’ seemingly insatiable appetite for a Kitsilano real estate address in the Vancouver West Side property market offering cutting edge design frequently combined with environmental stewardship. Kore Living in Kits real estate market, long stalled in the construction starting block, is now quietly under construction with no advertising planned, while just a few blocks away on Fourth, Mantra condos in Kitsilano attracted attention for its geothermal heating and European styling. Kitsilano real estate projects include Pulse, Vine, 2020 on Tenth, and Black Swan apartments which are more examples of the forward thinking outlook that continues to keep Kitsilano real estate squarely on the radar of savvy home buyers looking for an address with location and attitude.

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