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Rent 2010 Checklist for Vancouver Furnished Rental Suites - A Check List for Renters During the Vancouver 2010 Olympics
Welcome to the best 2010 Vancouver Rental website and thank you for browsing through our useful articles and informational resources about the Winter Games. This articles provides you a detailed rental 2010 checklist for tenants and visitors during the Vancouver Olympic Winter Games. This should make your decision making and entire booking process much easier and protect you from making the wrong decisions for your furnished Vancouver 2010 rental accommodation.

This rent 2010 checklist for Vancouver Olympic renters and tenants is broken into 3 main sections: Pre-Olympic Planning 2010 Rental Checklist, Vancouver Lease 2010 Check List and Post-Olympic 2010 Vancouver Rental Accommodation Checklist. Again, the Vancouver 2010 check lists are here to assist you in your planning, booking, and eventual stay in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, so by doing your due diligence and research early, you will definitely have an exciting Winter Olympic experience. These Vancouver Olympic 2010 checklists are completely free.

However, if you would like a downloadable Renters 2010 Guidebook with a lot more detailed information and a step-by-step checklist with lots of links to pertinent details, you can download it for ONLY 99¢.

The BEST Vancouver 2010 Renters Checklist is now online at Vancouver Real Estate Direct

Pre-Olympic Planning Vancouver 2010 Rental Checklist
If you are traveling to Vancouver during the Winter Olympic Games, you will be in for a thrill ride from beginning to end. Consistently rated as one of the top cities in the world in terms of livability, the urban metropolis of Vancouver is one of the great destinations of the world and the entire globe will have their eyes set on this pristine waterfront city in Canada. Planning your stay is more important then ever. With an expected few million visitors converging on the City of Vancouver, doing your research and due diligence in finding the perfect 2010 Vancouver rental accommodation is a must. Therefore, we have come up with a rental 2010 checklist for you to review and follow in finding the best Vancouver 2010 rental accommodation that is suitable for you. This pre-Olympic Vancouver 2010 rental checklist outlines everything you need to think about in researching and asking the write questions prior to booking your rental accommodation. In addition, this pre-Olympic 2010 checklist for renters and visitors is for you to make sure that you don’t skip any important steps in making a decision that you cannot change. Therefore, this Olympic 2010 Vancouver rental checklist is a perfect guide for you to follow to find the most ideal rental accommodation for the Winter Games. Here are the major steps involved in the Pre-Olympic Planning Stage of the 2010 Checklist for Rental Accommodations:

Decide on the number of people traveling with you
How many people are staying with you in the same Rental 2010 Vancouver Accommodation?
Will a studio, one bedroom, two bedroom or larger furnished rental 2010 Vancouver accommodation suit your needs?
How many bathrooms will you require?
Select the dates for your trip to see the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games
When would you like to arrive in Vancouver?
When would you like to leave?
Remember to budget for travel time (whether it be plane, boat, train, bus or car)
Check out the dates for the Vancouver 2010 Opening/Closing ceremonies, sporting events and medal ceremony dates
Are there other sites and experiences outside of the 2010 Olympics you would like to see during your stay?
Decide on your mode of transportation
Are you renting a car?
Are you taking public transportation to and from your Vancouver rental 2010 suite?
Do you have a preference of the local bus, SkyTrain, SeaBus and/or West Coast Express train?
Select a location that best suits your experience
Do you want to be close to the 2010 Olympic Venues?
If so, which events do you have tickets to watch?
If not, how far are you willing to travel to experience the Winter Games?
Decide on the type of housing you prefer
Do you prefer a condo apartment, townhome or single family home?
Do you prefer completely new or older rental 2010 accommodations?
Do you prefer West Coast architecture or classic style rental Vancouver homes?
Do you prefer one level living or multi-level Olympic 2010 Vancouver housing?
Do you prefer open concept floorplans or traditional layouts?
Do you want outdoor living space?
Select a set of on site amenities that are most important to you
As many condo and townhome developments (and newer single family 2010 rental homes) have onsite amenities, which ones do you most prefer?
Some onsite amenities include fitness gym, swimming pool, lounge with catering kitchen, rooftop deck, billiards room, yoga room, steam rooms, sauna, movie theatre, outdoor green spaces, courtyards and views.
Choose the top 3 that are most important
Decide on a set of local amenities that are most important to you
Many master planned apartment and townhome communities are close to local conveniences, so by selecting the most important 3 local amenities, you can narrow down your search
Some local amenities include shopping, dining, banks, library, medical centre, hospital, urban parks, bike trails, waterfront, movie theatre, coffee bistros, community centre, recreational facilities and schools
Choose the top 3 that are most important
Select your price range
Everyone’s budget for a furnished 2010 Vancouver rental accommodation is different, so choose a price range that fits your budget
Smaller studio and one bedroom suites will be the most affordable while larger single family homes will be the most luxurious, but also the most expensive furnished Vancouver 2010 rental suites.
Budget the amount you want to spend on rental accommodation during the 2010 Games, and then divide that by the number of nights of your holiday. This will give you an accurate cost per night budget for your furnished rental 2010 accommodation.
Decide on who you should rent 2010 Vancouver accommodations from
You can choose between professional Vancouver 2010 property managers, homeowners with management experience or Vancouver home owners with no experience.
The cost between the three are quite varied as there is no set rate card for Vancouver furnished rentals at this time.
Where are you going to find the rental accommodation? You can go through a property manager or online at Craiglist, Kijiji or other rental websites.
Do you research on the owners and people renting their Vancouver homes for the Olympics by calling or emailing them for more information
Your decision should be based on how comfortable you are with signing a contract with a company or individual.

The Vancouver 2010 Renters Check List is an amazing resource that outlines all the things to watch out for, the process, travel bookings, planninng your trip and the Winter 2010 Olympic details

The Rental 2010 Residential Tenancy Lease Checklist for Visitors Looking for Furnished Vancouver Rental Accommodation
With the above research complete, you will be able to make your final decision quite easily and book your furnished 2010 Vancouver accommodation today. However, there are still several steps involved with the Vancouver 2010 rental checklist before you are fully booked and ready to leave for the Winter Olympic Games. The rental 2010 checklist will also include things to think about when booking your reservation, whether it be over the phone or online. So if you’re ready, what are the next steps involved? Usually, the signing of the Vancouver Residential Lease agreement will be a legally binding contract and will be the next step in securing your Olympic 2010 housing rental. The 2010 lease checklist includes reviewing the standard terms of the residential tenancy lease and also the fund collection and deposit schedule. In many instances, these are all standard terms, and the Vancouver rental 2010 lease checklist will run through the obvious and not so obvious terms that you may not be aware of. Here are the next steps involved with the rent 2010 checklist for Vancouver rental accommodation.

The money issues involved with your furnished 2010 Vancouver rental and what to expect
Are you ready to put down a 50% non-refundable deposit on the 2010 furnished rental that you have chosen? This is the standard term for all Olympic housing leases.
Are you ready to pay the final 50% at least 4 to 6 weeks prior to your arrival?
Have you budgeted for the security/damage deposit for the furnished Vancouver 2010 rental accommodation that is usually approximately 50% of the total of your entire stay?
If renting from a professional Vancouver 2010 property management company or an individual managing four or more units of accommodation, there is an additional BC Hotel Room Tax (HRT) of 8% on top of your rental price. In some municipalities, there is also an additional 2% in city taxes.
Have you budgeted for cleaning fees at the end of your stay?
How are you going to pay for the deposits and rent? Wire transfer, bank transfer, bank drafts or alternative means?
Signing the Residential Tenancy Lease
Once you have contacted the owner or manager, they will need to draft a legal Residential Tenancy Lease for your stay (whether it be for only a night to a month).
Make sure that you have a lease signed and dated by all parties
The Residential Tenancy Lease for the furnished 2010 rental accommodations should include all the terms, bylaws and regulations surrounding the rental in addition to contact information of the owners/management company and a detailed breakdown of the costs involved with the lease agreement.
In many instances, the Residential Lease Agreement also has an Addendum with extra regulations and bylaws which you must review.
If anything looks out of place, please make sure they are either corrected or taken out of the lease prior to signing the documentation
Make sure you have contact information for the Owner or 2010 Olympic Property Manager during your stay if any maintenance issues come up
After signing, you will need to get a copy of the Residential Tenancy Agreement for the fully furnished 2010 Vancouver rental accommodation

The Renters 2010 Tourist Vancouver Checklist provides useful and pertinent information regarding the residential tenancy lease, finding accommodation, and protecting yourself through your Olympic travels

During and Post Olympic 2010 Rental Checklist for Tenants
As you may know, most of the research and work has been completed if you’ve made it to this point. Your luxury furnished 2010 rental Vancouver accommodation is fully booked and possibly fully paid for already and you have the Residential Lease Agreement that protects you as well. Now, what do you do during and after the Olympics? Well, this Vancouver 2010 checklist will run through some other minor details that you must get done before you arrive as well as during your stay. The Post-Olympic 2010 rental checklist will also go through all the things you need to think about and do prior to leaving your furnished 2010 Vancouver rental suite, so that you do not get blamed for theft or damages. Here it is:

Travel Arrangements
Book your travel arrangements to Vancouver well in advance after you decide on your furnished 2010 rental suite. Flights and other modes of transportation will sell out very quickly as we approach the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games
Arrange transfers to and from the Vancouver International Airport to your furnished 2010 rental accommodation early. Some property management companies will provide transfers or arrange them for you well in advance
Move-In Inspection
With any Vancouver 2010 Residential Tenancy Agreement, the owner or property manager of the suite must run through a move-in inspection so that both parties are aware of any current damages as well as to review the list of furnishings that belong to the home.
This move-in inspection for rental 2010 Vancouver accommodation is very important so that there are no problems with damages and theft that may fall back on you.
During Your Stay
Enjoy the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games and experience as many venues, events and ceremonies that you can possibly get to.
Respect all building and home bylaws, regulations and terms that are outlined in the Residential Tenancy Agreement. If you break them, the owner or property manager will be able to fine you directly or even evict you with 48 hours notice.
Respect the environment.
Move-Out Inspection
Again, with any furnished 2010 Vancouver rental accommodation or home, you will be entitled to a move-out inspection with the owner or property manager prior to leaving.
A move-out inspection allows all parties to inspect the home or rental suite to make sure that there are no damages and no theft during your stay.
If there are problems with either of these, the owners and Vancouver 2010 rental property management company has the right to deduct the accessed value of damages/theft from your security deposit.
If more funds are required, they will most likely charge your credit card.
Without a move-out inspection, the property manager will have the right to charge whatever is necessary without your review, so make sure you don’t skip this step
Security Deposit Refund
In most cases, the property management company or owner will either refund the security deposit on the furnished Vancouver 2010 rental suite upon move-out or they will pay you by a bank/wire transfer or by cheque.
The security deposit is usually refunded within 2 weeks of your move-out.

So there you have it! The three Vancouver 2010 checklists involved for renters and visitors who are seeking rental accommodations. These rental 2010 check lists are great for anyone renting during Winter Olympic Games and pertain to affordable and luxury rentals throughout the entire province and City of Vancouver as well as unfurnished and furnished 2010 Olympic housing. The checklists are the same for everyone. Hope you enjoyed reading our article!

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