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The City of Vancouver Ponders 2010 Olympic Housing Dilemma In Regards to a $150 License Fee for Vancouver 2010 Rental Landlords
A proposed $150 licence fee for Vancouver 2010 Landlords renting to 2010 Winter Olympics spectators is unenforceable, according to a Winter Games housing specialist. According to many news agencies and the 24 Hours Vancouver newspaper, the City of Vancouver has been pondering this Vancouver 2010 Landlord license fee for rental accommodations rented during the Winter Olympic Games for a few months now.

“Are they going to hire hundreds of inspectors to comb Yaletown, Coal Harbour, and Gastown?” said Ian Hamilton of Prime Strategies. A staff report from Tuesday’s Vancouver city council meeting recommends allowing 2010 property rentals for less than 30 days during the first three months of 2010 Olympic Winter Games. As a safeguard, however, staff want the BC Provincial Government to ban evictions between September 1, 2009 and March 31, 2010 unless a Vancouver tenant defaults according to the Residential Tenancy Act. Hamilton has an inventory of 800 Olympic 2010 rooms and caters to the workforce accommodation market in Vancouver. He worries that spectators will be repelled, but supports the intent of the anti-eviction measure. “In this economic climate, leave people alone,” he said. In addition, Mark who operates rent2010.net said the proposal for the $150 License Fee to Vancouver 2010 Rental Landlords is extremely flawed because there is an alternative accommodation glut. Of the 850 2010 Olympic rentals properties listed during the last two and a half years, only 10 per cent have been removed, indicating a possible rental. “I see no evidence of a shortage in short term Vancouver 2010 rentals,” said Mark. This according to Bob of 24 Hours. Still, the City of Vancouver ponders whether or not to charge a landlord 2010 license fee of $150 to those looking to rent out their homes or suites during the Winter Games. This is not the first time that the topic of a Vancouver 2010 Landlord Fee has been brought up as over a year ago, the City wanted to pass legislation to charge a similar Landlord 2010 Rental license fee as well. However, that was never passed by city council.

The business Vancouver Olympic License fee for landlords renting out short-term Olympic rental accommodation is now confirmed at $106 and not the proposed $150

The Vancouver City Council Expedites the Olympic 2010 Rentals License for Homeowners – April 9th, 2009
For those looking for the latest updates on the City of Vancouver Olympic 2010 License fee, here it is. Late Thursday on April 9th, the City council of Vancouver decided to make it a bit easier for Vancouver homeowners to rent rooms during the Winter Olympics in February 2010. However, City Council also backdated many restrictions that would discourage landlords and property owners from evicting their current tenants in order to profit on the short-term furnished Vancouver 2010 rental accommodations and rent 2010 furnished homes and rooms. As with many other studies, the inventory for Olympic housing is very tight for the Vancouver Winter Games in 2010 resulting from VANOC taking up more than 80% of the hotel suite inventory for the duration of the event. Therefore, the loosening of the restrictions on the Olympic 2010 Vancouver homeowners and landlords to rent out their rooms has come as a pleasant surprise. In addition, as an incentive, the City of Vancouver council has decided to scale back the proposed Olympic 2010 License fee to landlords from $150 per homeowner to $106, in line with current regulations for landlords and Vancouver property owners renting to tenants for 30 or more day leases. The proposed Vancouver 2010 Landlord license fee is now $106 instead of the proposed homeowner license Olympic fee of $150 which was promoted to try and avoid the fiasco of tenant evictions during Expo ’86. With much of the 2010 Vancouver hotel accommodation already booked, reserved or not yet released, there is a growing demand for furnished homes and rental apartments and with the Vancouver Olympic 2010 landlord license fee now at $106 and approved, the inventory should loosen up a bit. However, Impact of Communities Coalition said today that the announcement for the go ahead of short-term Olympic rentals with the 2010 landlord license fee of $106 will allow more landlords to cash in on the Vancouver 2010 furnished rentals for short-term stays, pushing existing tenants out. In addition, the City of Vancouver wants the BC government to amend the current BC Residential Tenancy Act in addition to the $106 Olympic 2010 landlord license fee to prohibit evictions of tenants taking place between June 1st, 2009 to March 31st, 2010 except for tenant defaults. However, the Residential Tenancy Act has a current loophole where Vancouver homeowners can evict tenants of any sort for modest renovations and then re-rent the suites out for substantially higher costs. Under the original Vancouver 2010 Olympic landlord license fee for the Winter Games, homeowners could not legally rent rooms from which they have evicted renters after September 1st. Currently, there are approximately 10,000 Vancouver homeowners who have licensed their rooms for rental periods longer than 30 days already (most in the film industry). But it’s good that we now have conformation that the Vancouver 2010 landlord Olympic license fee is now confirmed at $106 (not the original proposed $150) which allows for short-term rentals in the city.

If you rent 2010 accommodations in the city of Vancouver, there is a license fee of $106 that allows you to rent short-term suites and homes during the Winter Games

The City of Vancouver May Consider Relaxing the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Accommodation Laws
According to the Vancouver Sun on April 6th, 2009, and written by Jeff L, the Vancouver city councilors will decide on Tuesday, April 7th, 2009 whether or not to relax some of the rules and city regulations surrounding temporary short-term accommodations in the Vancouver 2010 residential zones during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. This has been a contentious issue during the past few weeks, as many Vancouver home owners looking to rent 2010 accommodation in the form of their single family homes, condos, apartments, townhomes, rooms or basements suites have been caught in a flurry of differing City of Vancouver Olympic tax laws and accommodation regulations that restrict this. Currently, Vancouver does not allow for short term (less than thirty day) 2010 Vancouver rentals in residential districts as explained in the city laws and accommodation regulations. If the move is adopted to relax the Vancouver 2010 Olympic accommodation law, there will most likely be thousands of current city home owners who will apply for rental status of two or more rooms for less than 30 days during the Vancouver Whistler 2010 Olympic Winter Games. Councilor Geoff Meggs said that he is in favour of the relaxation of the current Olympic 2010 Vancouver accommodation laws to create more room inventory that is already in extreme shortage with the influx of visitors from around the world to watch the Winter Games. Geoff also mentions that this relaxation of the Vancouver 2010 accommodation laws will not endanger existing current rental housing, but just increase the amount of rooms and suites available to visitors for rent 2010 accommodation and furnished rental suites. This will take pressure off existing rental housing (as current landlords will not have to end leases to rent out short-term to Olympic visitors) while expanding the stock of furnished 2010 Olympic housing and protecting Vancouver renters altogether.

Make sure you pay the Vancouver 2010 License Landlord Fee for homeowners renting their furnished 2010 homes for visitors and tourists

The Vancouver 2010 Olympic Licence Fee for Accommodations
According to a recent independent report, almost eighty per cent of all Vancouver 2010 hotel rooms and suites are already booked by VANOC who has reserved these Olympic 2010 accommodation for the organization, media and other important figures. Therefore, of the 12,000 Vancouver 2010 hotel rooms available, only approximately 2,400 hotel suites are actually made available to the general public and to visitors, which is a very small number for the visitors that will be coming to the city to experience the Olympic Winter Games. In addition to this, many of the five star 2010 Vancouver hotels are withholding many of their hotel rooms as well. With an estimated three hundred and fifty thousand ticketed spectators, there is an immense pressure on landlords and providing furnished rental 2010 accommodation during the Olympic Winter Games. Under the current Vancouver Olympic license fee and accommodation law, current Vancouver home owners who want to rent a single room for one or two people or a small party will not be required to pay an Olympic Vancouver licence fee or accommodation fee as an operator. However, if you rent multiple rooms or an entire unit of accommodation (which means an entire home, townhouse or condo apartment suite), a Vancouver home owner is subject to get an Olympic 2010 License, which the City of Vancouver wanted to set at $150. This homeowner license fee for the 2010 Olympic operators and landlords is even more than the current cost of $108 required for long term Vancouver rentals (which is said to cover the cost of the application, but who knows for sure). Many Vancouver home owners have already expressed their concern over this high cost of the Vancouver 2010 licence fee for operating their home as a furnished rental suite providing much needed rooms and accommodation inventory for Olympic housing. With many homeowners not looking to get a Vancouver 2010 Olympic business license and pay the $150 license fee, many of them may face penalties, complaints or hefty fines if caught operating without the Olympic accommodation license. The only catch is that in the new Olympic accommodation regulations, Vancouver homeowners cannot have their suite or home tenant cannot have been occupied by a tenant or boarder after September 1st. This will ensure that the Olympic rental is just that and not a unit taken from the current rental market to capitalize on the Olympic Vancouver rent 2010 accommodation market. Also, for those who are looking to set up a Vancouver 2010 bed and breakfast, well you are out of luck. Any Olympic 2010 Bed and Breakfast in the City of Vancouver will require a proper business license.

More about how the Olympic 2010 Landlord Licensing Fee and how it may be Unenforceable during the Vancouver Winter Games
As many landlords and Vancouver home owners get ready for the influx of tourists and travelers into the city starting this winter into February 2010, many of these people are unaware that current property regulations by the City of Vancouver actually restrict short-term transient rentals for the Olympic Games. City Hall has proposed a landlord Vancouver 2010 fee of $150 for those who are looking to rent out multiple rooms or units of accommodation during the Olympic Winter Games, but that has not yet been passed. However, many agents, property managers and homeowners realize that this Vancouver 2010 landlord fee during the Olympic Winter Games is clearly unenforceable. How will the City of Vancouver regulate the license fee for landlords wishing to rent furnished 2010 short-term rentals to visitors and travelers from abroad? Are they going from suite to home to condo to apartment seeing if homeowners and landlords have rented out their accommodation short-term? During the first quarter of 2010, the City of Vancouver wants to charge homeowners $150 for a 2010 Landlord License fee that will cover those wanting to rent their suites and homes for thirty days or less during the Olympic Winter Games. Also as a safeguard for current rental inventories, the City of Vancouver wants the provincial BC government to ban evictions between September 1, 2009 to March 31, 2010 unless a current tenant defaults. As VANOC has already reserved approximately 80% of the 12,000 2010 Vancouver hotel rooms and suites during the Winter Games, there are very few furnished Olympic Vancouver rentals out there. So if a traveler or visitor wants to rent 2010 accommodation, the City of Vancouver has also recommended that a tourism authority can prepare a temporary Vancouver 2010 hostel to solve last minute demands driven by the younger generation and job seekers during the Winter Games. Tourism Vancouver did a recent study on the inventory levels for furnished rent 2010 Olympic accommodations and found that there are only five hundred and fifty Downtown Vancouver 2010 rentals (furnished and unfurnished) available during the month of February 2010 and this study was done in March 2009. These vacancies are certainly not enough for the influx of people visiting the city. This information is provided by 24 Hours, Bob M.

No 2010 Olympic Eviction Ban for City of Vancouver During the 2010 Winter Games
Finally a decision on the Vancouver 2010 eviction ban law has come according to Bob of the 24 Hours Vancouver newspaper. According to the article, ‘Don’t expect the Liberal government to slap a moratorium on 2010 Olympic related evictions in Vancouver. City council unanimously passed a proposal Thursday to allow Vancouver homeowners to buy a $106 licence to rent space for less than 30 days to 2010 Winter Olympic visitors as rent 2010 accommodation due to the shortage in downtown Vancouver 2010 hotel rooms, suites and other forms of Olympic housing. The City of Vancouver is also seeking provincial amendment to the Vancouver charter to ban evictions without cause from June 1st 2009 to March 31st 2010 as housing and social development minister Rich Coleman was unavailable for an interview, but a spokes man said ‘an outright ban on evictions is not something we would consider.’ As last indicated, even Tourism Vancouver is estimating that there are only 550 downtown Vancouver 2010 hotel rooms available to the general public during the Winter Games. These Olympic 2010 hotel suites in downtown Vancouver are also very highly priced and some hotels have even reserved many suites for later releases so that they can keep inventory. VP Walt Judas said encouraging an alternative Vancouver rent 2010 accommodation market would prevent tourist repelling headlines like no vacancy and gouging in the city. Housing activist Am J., who has campaigned for 2010 Olympic Games related rent controls since 2001 suggested price limits would curb evictions because the potential for Vancouver homeowner 2010 rental parties for windfall profits would be diminished. Paul H the Vancouver’s assistant GM of Olympic operations said ‘it didn’t make sense for the city to be intervening,’ in the rental 2010 marketplace.

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